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Global Clients

“To me, business isn’t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials”

– Richard Branson

Who are WSI’s clients?

Our clients come from businesses of all sizes around the world – from a small landscaping business to a global consumer packaged goods company. They are usually a little different in that they play by their own rules and never settle for average. They are driven by a deeper sense of purpose and refuse to be just another company in a crowded market. Oh boy, this puts a lot pressure on us.

But truth be told, we find these bold visions exciting – intoxicating. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something big and meaningful?

With each new project we are pushed to the extremes of creativity and marketing performance. Always learning something new, breaking through old paradigms and discovering better ways of helping our clients realize their vision by leveraging the full capabilities of the Internet.

Professional Services is a strategic division of WSI designed to help clients grow beyond their local region into new, untapped markets around the world. The challenge for many businesses looking to expand globally generally comes down to finding a local marketing agency in Vancouver with global experience. One of WSI’s many advantages is its global footprint, and with WSI clients can effectively test and enter new markets with small investments – hedging risks in search of exponential growth. The WSI marketing company provides both local marketing knowledge and market presence that can help lay the foundation for your new market expansion. Whether you want to test one or ten countries for growth opportunities, WSI in Vancouver can easily help you turn low-cost exploration into solid and predictable revenue.

On one occasion, WSI helped the Mardi Gras Casino in South Florida achieve more than a 300% increase in site traffic volume during the course of only 6 months, establishing them in a dominant search engine position for over 50 search terms. A successful pay-per-click campaign also provided them with an average of 122 calls per week at a cost of $2.38 per call in the initial 4-week stage. These results were achieved by a combination of effectively implemented digital marketing strategies including an SEO campaign, new webpage creation, web design revamping, and social media marketing management. They are creative and endlessly resourceful both in terms of design and ideas for online activities.” - Ms. Bishop, Marketing Director at Mardi Gras Casino

Using social media digital marketing strategies via Facebook, WSI was also able to aid the Ohio-based Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Association (CFSL) gain a huge amount of growth on their Facebook fan page and enhanced visibility due to viral Facebook posts. The effectiveness of this social media campaign is testament to the importance of social media marketing strategies in increasing company exposure on a global level instead of just at the local level. WSI continually tweaks our site…It’s like having another sales agent working for you – actually better.” - Joe Zundi, President at Elreg Distributors

In another instance, WSI assisted London-based gourmet pizza company Barlisco by revamping their outdated website using both standard and mobile web design improvements, an ongoing SEO package and content management. Our efforts helped them gain 13,000 site visitors a month, with approximately 78.84% of these visitors coming from their target market. Furthermore, 17.6% of visitors came through their mobile website and 35% of the value of orders came through the web. The depth of their analysis was head and shoulders above the competition.” - Colby Poulson, Sales & Development Manager at The iTransact Group From SEM campaigns to social media marketing, our effective digital marketing techniques are supported by the satisfaction of our numerous clients around the world. No matter what kind of business you run and what your goals are, WSI Digital Marketing can help you realize them.

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