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Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization provides the single biggest opportunity to positively impact your return on marketing dollars invested.

The biggest challenge B2B marketers face in regards to lead generation is generating high-quality leads. WSI can help improve lead quality through Landing Page Optimization.

Most companies spend a fortune on advertising yet they never test and optimize their website for conversion performance. This is usually the quickest way to turn failing campaigns into profitable investments.
A one percent improvement in conversion (e.g. lead generation or sales) could equate to significant increases in bottom line profits from our experience.

Shocking Statistic: Over 67 percent of all companies never perform A/B or multivariate testing on their website.

Making the Most of Your Digital Marketing with Landing Page Optimization

When a website lacks a certain “je ne sais quoi” it is highly unlikely that it will generate a high amount of phone calls or form completions. Getting potential customers to click on your online advertisements or SEO search results is just one of the steps that needs to be taken to gain new customers. However, although traffic is important neglecting to convert this traffic into valuable sales opportunity will defeat all the hard work your digital marketing system has been doing sending relevant leads to your site. WSI Vancouver’s conversion rate optimization strategies are designed to increase your conversion rate and take advantage of your visitors as best as possible by guiding visitors easily to the information they require to be enticed into taking the next step of contacting you.

Traffic vs. Customers

Drawing people to visit your website’s landing page is the ideal online method for exposing the unique nature of a company as well as its specific brands. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to optimize their landing pages, thereby preventing to increase the number of visitors who actually become customers. As a result, companies who can only convert 1 in every 100 visitors will have a much lower success rate in relation to their competitors who are probably bringing in three times that.

We Work With What You Have

So how exactly do you convert the visitors from your landing page into customers or sales leads? Although increasing traffic may seem like the simple answer, this does not guarantee customers. Even increasing the traffic to ten times might still leave businesses with the same conversion rate they started out with if the website is not optimized properly.

The best way to increase conversion is to ensure that your website design and navigation is designed to appeal to the specific needs of your traffic. Landing page optimization is the best tactic for increasing sales on your website. When increasing traffic to your leading capture page, WSI uses all of the pre-existing content on your site and improves on it by focusing on 3 specific factors:

  • Design
  • Messaging
  • Calls to action

When combined with other the digital marketing solutions that WSI offers such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, remarketing advertising, and display advertising, landing page optimization will help your business hit its stride.

Don’t Throw Away Your Potential

Failing to understand the value of landing page optimization can really compromise your digital marketing efforts, as conversion of traffic is really the end point in the cycle of your digital marketing efforts. If you’re not properly converting traffic, you can nullifies the effectiveness of your other digital marketing efforts and thereby wastes the time and money you spent on them.

WSI Digital Marketing is your conversion rate optimization company, test, test, test, is the key and we use our network of contacts and experience to ensure that you are utilizing your landing page as effectively as possible and making sure that this final push on your consumers is as strong as all of your other digital marketing efforts.

Landing Page Optimization is just one of the many ways WSI Vancouver can help you reach your business goals.

Are your Landing Pages fully optimized? Let us help you.