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Engage – With Your Visitors

Sales Funnel: Awareness–Consideration–Preference–Purchase–Loyalty-Advocacy

Your prospect’s on their way now to your website, now what…?

In this phase of our sales funnel example we are using, you have achieved awareness and some consideration with the visitor in that they clicked an ad. Now they are seeking to investigate whether your product is in fact of interest to them and gain some trust in the brand by way of a website visit. It is now the job of the website to “Engage” with them.

The visitor must have easy navigation options available to get a sense of what the product features are and generate curiosity to learn more about how it will solve a problem or bring more joy.

Trust is achieved in many ways during the preference and purchase phases. Reviews sites such as Google Local, Yelp, and Facebook are common place and there are a number of reputation management platforms to assist with review acquisition. Trust is also gained by credibility factors such as making prominent you testimonials, cases studies as well as your clients and strategic alliances logos on the website.

After all the prospects research, most often, an organic search engine query is the final action before the visitor takes a buying decision action. As consumers we have come to realize that organic listings are most often good bets that the website has earned its way to the top spots by reliably being good websites with credible companies. That is ideally where you get your chance to convert a visitor into a sales lead. Don’t lose them now!

Every company or individual is looking to improve or grow, match your messaging to your prospect to help them.

The website may be visited several times in this phase as the visitor fine tunes needs budget and credibility requirements. Give them lots of ways to return with the same awareness campaigns. What online properties do your clients use?

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

A great user experience is achieved over time as you measure visitor interaction with each website page such as helping continue their education with videos, downloading infographics or other collateral. By first building trust and answering their questions, they will gladly give their email address in exchange for your content and will anticipate receiving relevant topics in the newsletters.

Success in the Preference and Purchase phases will lead to a sales opportunity for your new business representatives or perhaps an online purchase. The next step is to delight your prospect with great service and follow-up.

Unlocking Latent Potential

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