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Delight: Clients and Prospects

Sales Funnel: Awareness–Consideration–Preference–Purchase–Loyalty-Advocacy

Don’t stop now, keeping a client is 5 – 7 times less the cost of getting a new one!

We have now taken our online prospect through the sales funnel and they are now either a new client or a sales presentation has been made and a relationship established.

There is still unlocked potential in new or promising clients

– Their ability to become a brand “Advocate”.

A good deal of information should now be recorded in your CRM (customer relationship management), marketing automation platform or email platform to help understand how to continue the relationship by providing relevant information. You need to continue to connect via email, social media posts and sharing, advertising and blogging. By this phase, trust will have been established and the potential is high for these people to share content and become an Advocate of your Brand.

Providing great online content geared specifically for your market and segmented to each client type is vital to the future of your business.

We all know the teachings and marketing value of an excited new client. Be prompt, professional and courteous, of course, but continue to provide support by tapping them into your ongoing social outreach initiatives. Content marketing reaches beyond the sale to generate referrals and upsells!

Unlocking Latent Potential

WSI will help you unlock the untapped potential within your industry. Through a combination of tactics driven by time-tested methods, we will help you deliver value in ways rarely experienced by the average business.

WSI Search Solutions: